The more important question to ask now is what - not who - will replace assad. Syria's president assad says reports of a chemical attack by his forces were 100% fabrication. Bashar hafez al-assad was born in damascus on 11 september 1965, the second oldest son of anisa makhlouf and hafez al-assad al-assad in arabic means the. The brutal dictator behind one of the worst atrocities the world has seen this century got the job by accident syrian president bashar al-assad was originally.

Pursuing an ambitious mission against all three adversaries in syria is dangerous, imprudent and unnecessary. Beirut — syrian president bashar al-assad reacted with outrage on friday to us cruise missile strikes on a syrian military air base, calling them an “unjust and. The regime of syrian president bashar assad has long had a pragmatic approach to the islamic state of iraq and greater syria (isis), says a syrian businessman with. Hafez was born on 6 october 1930 in qardaha to an alawite family of the kalbiyya tribe his parents were na'sa and ali sulayman al-assad hafez was ali's ninth son.

Now, there isn't much good to say about the assad regime for those of us with good memory the reason he is being shown any favor today is that he opposes isis. Bashar al-assad and the devil’s endgame will the syrian dictator’s sinister plan to win over america and russia actually work. Bashar al-assad is a former eye doctor who became syrian president in 2000, promising greater openness, and has confounded many observers by holding on to.


Warning graphic content: assad has dismissed thousands of images of emaciated dead torture victims, which last week led to a landmark human rights case in spain.

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  • Syrian president bashar al-assad reacted saturday to the deadly attacks in paris, taking france to task and calling on it to change policies that he says.
  • While us and un provide humanitarian relief to deir ezzor, syria starves civilians in opposition towns.
  • As the syrian crisis enters its fifth year, tension in the country is still growing bashar assad, the president of syria, gives an interview to key.
  • More than 4 million syrians have been displaced by civil war—but bashar al-assad isn’t one of them these five facts explain why syria’s embattled president.

After 1945 europe said “never again” but never again is happening before our eyes in the middle east, says guardian columnist natalie nougayrède. View the syrian president bashar al-assad fast facts on cnn and learn more information about al-assad and syria. All the latest breaking news on bashar al-assad browse the independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on bashar al-assad. The conflict in syria transitioned from an insurgency to a civil war during the summer of 2012 this report seeks to explain how the assad regime lost its. Well i am syrian and i know what atrocities assad’s army and his miltias did for syria, i saw the security forces shooting protests and killing them in my eyes, my.

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